Memorials and Gifts

Memorials and Gifts, as a subgroup of Stewardship team, keeps good records of individual receipts and disbursements, communicates with donor families, reviews the congregation’s needs, and recommends memorial expenditures to the Congregation Council. This subgroup does not handle money and has no direct authority over expenditures. Disbursements are handled by the church treasurer with the approval of council. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:

  • Recording gifts purchased with memorial funds in the Memorials Book
  • Maintaining and communicating clear policies for their receipt and expenditure
  • Assisting Communications Team with its church inventory responsibilities

2018 Team Leader: Marie Lybrand
Recording Secretary: Ruth Nicholson
Members: Beth Cleland, Sylvia Ford, Linda Griffith,  Pastor Henderson, Ben Lemons, Anne Moye, Elizabeth Shealy, Doris Wessinger

2017 Report
The Memorials and Gifts Team oversees the process by which gifts to the church are accepted, acknowledged and recorded. Particular attention is given to proposed gifts of tangible items, either outright gifts or those to be purchased with monetary contributions made to the church in memory or in honor of someone. The committee endeavors to identify items that would benefit the congregation as well as to note which earlier gifts are no longer in use. This committee works with the pastor and congregational council to see that agreed-upon guidelines governing memorials and gifts and their dedication and presentation are followed.

Completed Projects

  • Two chairs and a side table for the Narthex in memory of Raymond Eargle and Justin Parks.

Pending Projects

  • Conference Room Refurbishing—Discussions are on-going with Jumper, Carter, Sease.  The architects and designers have submitted a draft plan.  The Conference Room funds have increased significantly in 2017. The conference table will be a generous contribution by Jumper, Carter, Sease in memory of Craig and Margaret Jumper. This project will continue into 2018.
  • Expanding the playground has been put on hold.
  • No specific suggestions were given from families in 2017 for projects/purchases. Their funds were either requested to stay in Undesignated or put into the conference room renovation fund.

Gifts Donated

  • A copier for the Teller Room was donated by Kelly and Bobby Heid.

Submitted by Marie Lybrand, 2017 Team Leader
Recording Secretary: Ruth Nicholson
Members: Beth Cleland, Sylvia Ford, Linda Griffith, Pastor Henderson, Kelly Heid, Margaret Jumper, Ben Lemons, Anne Moye, Elizabeth Shealy, Doris Wessinger