The Razberries is a social ministry comprised of a group of individuals who meet for fellowship. The Razberries, formerly known as The Youngerberries was formed May 18, 1996.  March 17, 2013 the name was officially changed to The Razberries in memory of Gary Anthony “Raz” Raszewski.  The Razberries meet the second Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

Pam Hanfland, Coordinator

2019 Razberries

Month Host
January 12 Henderson
February 9 Nivens
March 9 Satterwhite
April 13 Marcum
May 11 Hutto
June 8 Horton
July 12-14 Hanfland
August 10 Hughes
September 14 Raszewski
October 12 Lybrand
November 9 Amick
December 7 Fingerlin