Service and Charitable Works

The Service and Charitable Works Team conducts many acts of love toward the members of our congregation in need and encourages all members to Christian service in our community and the world with the assistance of council and guidance from the pastor.  Examples of service and charitable works include:

  • Arranging visitation and seasonal gifts to our shut-ins
  • Coordinating participation in outward focused service projects, e.g., Operation InasmuchSnacks in Packs
  • Seeking members to serve as representative to God’s Helping Hands
  • Reviewing the congregation’s annual commitments to outside ministries and service organizations, and suggesting revisions to the council
  • Counseling members of the congregation in their pursuit of charitable acts within and outside this congregation

2018 Team Leader:  Gail Marcum
Members: Albert Drafts, Sue Drafts, Bill Hill, Linda Hill, Virginia Morris, Elizabeth Shealy, Herman Shealy, Jane Wallace, Doris Wessinger, Heyward Wessinger, Frank Yonce, Linda Yonce

2017 Report
2017 Service and Charitable Works Committee, consisting of over 20 church members, continued to provide services to our church members that we remember for holidays and other special occasions. The committee members delivered bags of goodies and visited with these church members for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to all the church members who provided goodies and a special thanks to Sallie Hutto who provided the Valentine and Easter bags for the goodies!

For Easter we delivered Easter bags, donated by church members, and other goodies to folks on our list.

Flowers were delivered to our sisters and brothers in nursing homes along with charter members donated by the congregation and Homecoming event in October.

Christmas provides another opportunity for committee members to visit and deliver a message of God’s love along with a gift from the congregation. This year Christmas gifts will be delivered to 10 church members.

Volunteers cut fabric and sewed dresses for a Zimbabwe clothing project, lead by Lolita Keitt.  A Shred 360 Project, organized by Linda Griffith, with volunteers was conducted, and numerous community members took
advantage of this opportunity.
Over 100 cards were mailed out to various church members for birthdays, anniversaries and get well cards. Margaret Jumper, once again, outdid herself on this project of love and support!
The Service and Charitable Works Committee (Social Ministry) of our church provides an opportunity for church members to support community projects as well as church members as an act of service to God.

Submitted by  Jason C. Powell,  2017 Team Leader
Members: Albert Drafts, Sue Drafts, Bill Hill, Linda Hill, Jean Hopkins, Sally Hutto, Margaret Jumper, Elizabeth Shealy, Herman Shealy, Jane Wallace, Frank Yonce, Linda Yonce