The Elderberries are an active group of “folks” who meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at noon in the fellowship hall of the church (unless other activities have been planned.)  A lunch of sandwiches, salads and desserts are always on the menu.

We have various speakers, play bingo and other fun games.   In the summer we try to take a “road trip” to get fresh produce, the fall brings a trip to the mountains for apples and cabbage and if we can work it out, a Christmas trip to hear a concert to start the holiday season.  At Thanksgiving, we join Transfiguration Lutheran Church for our joint meeting, of course “TURKEY” and a wonderful meditation.

The Elderberries continue to support the Saluda River Academy of the Arts’ backpack after school “snack” program and their music department.   Twice a year, the kids come to Our Saviour’s Community Lunch to provide entertainment.  This is always a well attended luncheon.  We invite all to attend and share time with us.  Visitors are always welcome to join the Elderberries or attend our Community Lunch Programs!  Please call our church office to verify our meeting for the month.

Coordinator—Linda Griffith
Treasurer—Linda Hill

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are no planned events or programs for the upcoming year.  If and when a program or event is planned, members will be notified through the Grapevine and Bulletin.