Altar Guild

The Altar Guild, as a subgroup of Worship Team, prepares the altar and chancel for worship. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:

Changing the paraments and banners according to the Church calendar
Preparing the communion table and maintaining all communion and altar linens
Maintaining sacristy inventory
Overseeing acolytes and crucifers
Maintaining and communicating clear policies

Altar Guild Team Leader – Isma Boland

  Altar Guild Acolyte Crucifer
Jan 2019 Kelly Heid
Beverly Nivens
Henry Henderson Jason Powell
January 6 only (Epiphany)
Feb Chris Boland
Beth Boland
Chris Boland
Mar Beverly Nivens
Kelly Heid
Jason Powell Barney Keitt
March 6 only
Ash Wednesday
Apr Jane Wallace
Linda Hill
___________ Charles Nicholson
April 14, 18, 21 Holy Week
May Isma Boland
Melba Murphy
Isma Boland
Jun Marie Lybrand
Wayne Lybrand
___________ ___________
June 9 & 16 Pentecost & Trinity
Jul Caroline Raszewski Henry Henderson
Aug Kay Black
Rebecca Fingerlin
Jason Powell
Sept Isma Boland
Melba Murphy
Oct Jane Wallace
Linda Hill
___________ Henry Henderson
October 27 Reformation
Nov Gail Marcum Jason Powell Barney Keitt
November 3 & 24  All Saints & Christ the King
Dec Linda Griffith
Isma Boland
___________ ___________
December 24
Jan 2020 Beverly Nivens
Kelly Heid
___________ ___________
January 5 Epiphany