Church Council and Team Leaders

President—Rebecca Fingerlin
Vice President—Isma Boland
Secretary—Charles Nicholson
Treasurer—Meredith Cleland

Term Expires 2023
Isma Boland
Beth Cleland
Rebecca Fingerlin  
Charles Nicholson

Term Expires 2024
Bill Aull
David Griffith
Gail Marcum
Mark Satterwhite

Altar Guild—Isma Boland
Communication—Pam Hanfland
Education—Gail Marcum
Fellowship—Mark Satterwhite
Memorials and Gifts—Beth Cleland
Property—Steve Nivens
Service and Charitable Works—Gail Marcum
Stewardship—David Griffith
Worship—Charles Nicholson
Young Adults/Youth—Beverly Nivens