• Communications, as a subgroup of Evangelism team, publicizes global and local missions by:
  • Updating web site
  • Keeping church sign current
  • Writing articles for Grapevine and other news outlets
  • Photographing special events, member photos, and church inventory
  • Publishing Congregational Ministries, Annual Report,
  • Membership Directory, OSLC Constitution and Continuing Resolutions, and Grapevine
  • Distributing media communications via Calling Post, eVine, and Facebook
  • Preserving electronic church inventory
  • Updating new members board
  • Keeping bulletin boards current

2022 Team Leader: Pam Hanfland
Members: Linda Griffith, Dan Hanfland, Wayne Lybrand, Ruth Nicholson, Elizabeth Shealy

2021 Report
The Communications Ministry Committee continued to maintain and update theĀ website, Our Saviour Facebook presence, our eVine Communication, and church sign. They served as photographer for special events and wrote articles for the Grapevine. The committee assisted with gathering information and printing of the Ministries Membership Directory, as well as assisted with media promotions and preserving the electronic church inventory.

Submitted by Pam Hanfland, 2021 Team Leader
Members: Linda Griffith, Dan Hanfland, Wayne Lybrand, Ruth Nicholson