The Stewardship Team oversees all financial affairs of this congregation and fosters a spirit of Christian giving with assistance from council and guidance from the pastor. Examples of stewardship ministries include:

  • Developing a budget draft for succeeding year
  • Conducting annual and ad hoc campaigns to encourage generous giving of time, talent, and resources
  • Coordinating tellers and offering pick-up volunteers
  • Assisting the financial secretary in the execution of his/her duties Auditing annually all financial records

2020 Team Leader: David Griffith
Members: Isma Boland, Beth Cleland, Meredith Cleland, Melodie Capole, Jim Garner, Theresa Garner, Linda Griffith, Pam Hanfland, Linda Hill,  Barney Keitt, Wayne Lybrand, Horace Meetze,  Frank Yonce, Linda Yonce

2019 Report
For 2019 our team prepared our budget for 2020 with a 4% increase over 2019. We did however make a major change in how we did the budget.  We prepared an operating budget only and removed the portion of the budget which was Capital expenditures not monthly expenses. A Capital Project  budget will be prepared for approval later in the year.

Submitted by David Griffith and Bill Hill, 2019 Team Leaders
Members: Isma Boland, Albert Drafts, Beth Cleland, Meredith Cleland, Jim Garner, Theresa Garner, Linda Griffith, Pam Hanfland, Howard Hughes, Barney Keitt, Loleta Keitt, Wayne Lybrand, Horace Meetze, Doris Wessinger, Frank Yonce