Lutheran Men in Mission

President—Barney Keitt
Vice President—Charles Nicholson
Secretary-Treasurer—Bill Aull 

Meetings are held at the church at 9:00 AM on the third Monday of each month.
A meal is provided before the meeting!

20120 LMM Meeting Dates

Month Food Committee Program
Jan 20 Bill Hill
Gary Black
Business Meeting
Feb 17 Frank Yonce
Don Horton
Herman Shealy
Mar 16 Barney Keitt
DeLeon Wallace
Bill Hill
Apr 20 Herman Shealy
Heyward Wessinger
Bill Aull
May 18 Frank Yonce
Charles Nicholson
Lance Henderson
June Vacation-No Meeting
July Vacation-No Meeting
Aug 18 Shealy’s Bar-B-Q Leesville Lunch with the Ladies
Sept 21 Alberts Drafts
Horace Meetze
Ben Lemons
Oct 19 Steve Nivens
David Griffith
Barney Keitt
(7 PM Meeting)
Nov 16 Bill Aull
Lance Henderson
Charles Nicholson
Dec 7 Christmas Party Ladies Night
(7 PM)

Our mission is, by God’s grace, to build men’s faith, relationships and ministry through the men’s events we produce, the resources we publish and the leaders we develop.The vision of Lutheran Men in Mission for every man to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through an effective men’s ministry in every congregation. 

We minister to men of all ages. A special focus is a ministry to younger men.

Our Purpose
This organization shall support and endeavor to strengthen the witness of the South Carolina Synod and shall promote its activities and programs.  The SCLMM shall seek to aid in the spiritual, intellectual and social development of the men of the church and to deepen commitment to Christ and participation in the life of His Church. It shall give financial support to the development and growth of congregations in the South Carolina Synod with special emphasis on mission congregations, primarily new starts, but also redevelopments.  New starts are defined as areas   where the ELCA has not previously developed a ministry.  Redevelopments are defined as any second attempt by the Division for Outreach and SCLMM to develop a ministry where a previous new start has failed to result in a self supporting ministry.  It shall support special projects as determined by the Synod organization.  It shall encourage support of the purposes and projects as set forth by the Lutheran Men in  Mission, ELCA.

Our Saviour LMM
All men of the church are considered members of the organization and are encouraged to attend meetings on the third Monday of each month.  A meal and program are planned and a brief meeting is held to conduct any business matters.  In August we travel to Shealy’s Barbecue in Leesville for an evening of fun and socializing for our Annual Ladies’ Night.  In December our Annual Christmas Party is scheduled where we invite all our widow ladies whose husbands were regular members of the LMM as our guests for a joyful evening.  Service projects include assisting members with various chores including yard work and repairs and making general repairs to the church and assisting with maintaining the Memorial Garden.  We participate in the Committee of 100 and the Saxe Gotha Conference meetings and work days as well as supporting youths from time to time with expenses to meetings.