Youth & College Students

youth-12019 Report
The year started off with the youth participating once again in Souper Bowl.  We raised an all time high for God’s Helping Hands. This year we celebrated the graduation of Adam & Claire Fingerlin during the worship service.  In this liturgy, both Adam & Claire blessed their parents, Francis and Rebecca, and they received a blessing from their parents.  Pastor Lance attended Campfirmation at Lutheridge again this summer with confirmation aged students from GA, SC and VA.    In August, we bid Godspeed to Claire in the worship service as she departed to Bluefield College.   The fall saw a major uptick in the attendance of USC students.  They have been sharing their gifts with OSLC in music, service and worship.   The budget for 2020 reflects an increase for ministry with these students.   In December, all our college aged students (16!) were presented with Waffle House gift cards for all our college students.