Property, as a subgroup of Stewardship team, oversees the building, contents, and grounds. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:

  • Supervising proper maintenance and protection of church property and grounds
  • Providing volunteers to open and close church building

2021 Team Leader: Bill Aull
Members: Gary Black,  Barney Keitt, Mark Satterwhite

2020 Report
Property Team Member on 2020 OSLC Counsel is James Garner. Items that were
accomplished during the 2020 year were:

  1. Removal of old unsecure mailbox and installation of secured mailbox
  2. Three (3) Playground Benches assembled and installed by Jim Garner
  3. City of West Columbia installed Crape Myrtle Trees across the Sunset Blvd. Property
    Line and we think removed the holly bushes from around the Church Sign and planted
    rose bushes and other flowers
  4. Had north side walk awning quoted from Weathers, Columbia Tent & Awning, and
    Fraser-Built. Project was put on hold
  5. General HVAC Repairs were made by Tommy Campbell under a yearly service contract.
  6. Yearly Backflow Valve Certification was accomplished
  7. Yearly Fire Inspection was accomplished by Palmetto Fire & Safety
  8. Fellowship Hall Light Bulbs were replaced
  9. Tree beside our Playgrounds on our west neighbor’s property was cut off power line by Dominion Energy but I had our Land Scaping Contractor Wes Harper cut up and remove the branches scattered on our lawn
  10. Had Scott McManus clean the mold and mildew off the north side doors and gutters
  11. Seeded the bald spot on the front lawn where the city planted the trees with centipede grass seed.
  12. Had parking lot paved by James Able & Sons.

Other items being considered are:
1. LED Lighted Graphic Sign
2. Light Fixture Replacement for Front Yard Brown Sign
3. Visitor Parking Sign Repair at Mail Box
4. Roof Drain Down Spout Splash Pad Repositioning and Replacement
5. Irrigation System (suggested by Virginia Morris)
6. Sanctuary sheetrock finishing above Organ Pipes
7. Sidewalk/Walkway Canopy for OSLC North Side Walkways
8. North Door Bell Extension to Conference Room and Fellowship Hall

Submitted by Jim Garner  2020 Team Leader
Members: Bill Hill, Barney Keitt