Property, as a subgroup of Stewardship team, oversees the building, contents, and grounds. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:

  • Supervising proper maintenance and protection of church property and grounds
  • Providing volunteers to open and close church building

2023 Team Leader: Bill Aull
Members: Gary Black,  Rebecca Fingerlin, Jim Garner,  David Griffith, Linda Griffith, Mark Satterwhite, Herman Shealy

2022 Report
We are thankful for a quiet year in the property area. No major incidents!
Preventive maintenance agreement and inspection of all heating/air conditioning units by Cassell Bros. Numerous small defects were found and repaired.
One light fixture on Stained Glass windows was replaced.
The kitchen exhaust fans were repaired.
Arrangements made/continued with Wes Harper Landscaping (grounds maintenance), Blue Light Special (janitorial services), and Cassell Bros. (Heating/air conditioning).
Outside cross repaired.
The refrigerator was removed from the sacristy. Repairs/modifications to cabinetry are pending.
The backflow device test was done.

Submitted by Bill Aull  2022 Team Leader
Members: Gary Black, Jim Garner, Mark Satterwhite, Herman Shealy, Frank Yonce