The Education Team promotes and conducts all educational ministries within this congregation with the assistance of council and guidance from the pastor.
Examples of educational ministries include:

  • Coordinating Sunday School and Vacation Bible School
  • Encouraging Bible study
  • Providing classes in preparation for First Communion and Confirmation
  • Maintaining connection with college students
  • Fostering youth activities
  • Identifying and nurturing potential leaders for rostered leadership in the church
  • Maintaining church library

2022 Team Leader: Elizabeth Shealy
Members: Pastor Henderson, Charles Nicholson, Beverly Nivens

2021 Report
Since the Covid Pandemic continued through 2021, Sunday School nor Bible studies were held.

Gift cards and/or notes of encouragement were sent to approximately 12 college students in the fall and at exam times in May and December.

In addition, three meals were cooked by Melodie Capole, Pastor Lance, Steve and Beverly Nivens, and Elizabeth Shealy for college students’ game nights.  We had from 12-15 students present for each dinner/game night.

Submitted by Elizabeth Shealy, 2021 Team Leader
Members: Pastor Henderson, Charles Nicholson, Beverly Nivens