Service and Charitable Works

The Service and Charitable Works Team conducts many acts of love toward the members of our congregation in need and encourages all members to Christian service in our community and the world with the assistance of council and guidance from the pastor.  Examples of service and charitable works include:

  • Arranging visitation and seasonal gifts to our shut-ins
  • Coordinating participation in outward focused service projects, e.g., Operation InasmuchSnacks in Packs
  • Seeking members to serve as representative to God’s Helping Hands
  • Reviewing the congregation’s annual commitments to outside ministries and service organizations, and suggesting revisions to the council
  • Counseling members of the congregation in their pursuit of charitable acts within and outside this congregation

2021 Team Leader:  Elizabeth Shealy
Members: Gail Marcum

2020 Report
Twelve Valentine bags were provided for our shut-ins in February. Once the pandemic began and we could no longer visit, a list of callers was put together so that our more vulnerable members received a call from a different member of the church each week. After rotating through 12 weeks, we dropped back to every other week and two people on the list to be called were sent cards or notes instead of receiving a call. Currently, we are on our third rotation of calling, which will take us through April 2021.

Fifty “Happy Fall Y’all” bags of candy and treats were provided for the Classical Conversation Students in October.

Submitted by  Elizabeth Shealy, 2020 Team Leader
Members: Beth Cleland, Gail Marcum, Beverly Nivens