Bible Study

Tuesday, 11 am  – Tuesday’s Bible Study is, of course, about the Bible, but also much more.   Church history, theology, current affairs, classic Christian readings, movies–all get examined in this class.  The discussions may ramble around a bit, but we are in no hurry to rush through any topic.  If you like free-wheeling, this is a great class.

Wednesday, 6 pm  – A more intense look at scripture with special concern for the unique voice a particular book of the Bible brings.   We start at the beginning of a book and work through to the end.  Pastor Lance is well known for taking the class on a side trip of how a particular piece of Scripture shapes Christian thought and practice.   The first Wednesday of the month is generally study of the Psalms that are coming up in worship.  We use a unique method for psalm study pioneered here at OSLC.