Hospitality Teams

(Rebekah Circle)
These teams are comprised of persons who have indicated that they will participate in preparing a meal for members of the church who experience illness/surgery and/or death. The teams have been realigned for balance in numbers. Hospitality Team Coordinators are assigned by their respective Circle to serve for that year. The Pastor, if notified, will contact one of the Hospitality Team Coordinators to express family member request. A suggested meal will be prepared and served either

2022 COORDINATORS: Linda Hill and Linda Griffith

Group I
Linda Hill, Leader
Isma Boland
Linda Crapps
Sylvia Ford
Pam Hanfland
Sandra Hughes
Melba Murphy
Brenda Tisdale
Doris Wessinger

Group II
Patsy Horton, Leader
Kay Black
Beth Cleland
Sue Drafts
Marie Lybrand
Caroline Raszewski
Ann Satterwhite
Elizabeth Shealy

Group III
Linda Griffith, Leader
Jeannie Chapman
Kelly Heid
Loleta Keitt
Gail Marcum
Ruth and Charles Nicholson