Property, as a subgroup of Stewardship team, oversees the building, contents, and grounds. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:

  • Supervising proper maintenance and protection of church property and grounds
  • Providing volunteers to open and close church building

2019 Team Leaders: Jim Garner and Bill Hill
Members: Meredith Cleland, Gary Black, Howard Hughes, James Garner, Barney Keitt, Jason Powell, Frank Yonce

2018 Report
Projects completed this year:

  • Patched holes in parking lot
  • Completed the automatic turn-off switch for parking lot
  • Conducted church cleanup day
  • Repaired church narthex emergency lights
  • Completed installation of crash bars on sanctuary exit doors
  • Painted outside of doors to sanctuary and office entrances
  • Touch-up paint of outside areas
  • Replaced one kitchen electric stove element
  • Replaced various lighting in the church as needed
  • Installed signs for office and fellowship hall
  • installed motion detector light at the office door
  • Installed new “listen system” in the sanctuary
  • Adjusted sound levels in the sanctuary

Currently pursuing repair on Narthex heating unit

Thanks to all the church members who helped with this team

Submitted by Bill Aull and Bill Hill  2018 Team Leaders
Members: Meredith Cleland, Bill Hill, Howard Hughes, Barney Keitt, DeLeon Wallace, Heyward Wessinger, Frank Yonce