• Property, as a subgroup of Stewardship team, oversees the building, contents, and grounds. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:
  • Supervising proper maintenance and protection of church property and grounds
  • Providing volunteers to open and close church building

2017 Team Leaders: Barney Keitt & Bill Aull
Members: Meredith Cleland, Bill Hill, Howard Hughes, DeLeon Wallace, Heyward Wessinger, Frank Yonce

2016 Report
Our main projects this year centered around a new air conditioner for the fellowship hall and repairing the roof on the front of the church and fellowship hall. Thanks to all of the men who helped with his team.
Submitted by Barney Keitt and Bill Aull, 2016 Team Leaders
Members: Alberts Drafts, Floyd Hanna, Bill Hill, Barney Keitt, Heyward Wessinger, Frank Yonce