• Property, as a subgroup of Stewardship team, oversees the building, contents, and grounds. Examples of this subgroup’s duties include:
  • Supervising proper maintenance and protection of church property and grounds
  • Providing volunteers to open and close church building

2018 Team Leaders: Bill Aull & Bill Hill
Members: Gary Black, Howard Hughes, James Garner, Barney Keitt, Jason Powell, Frank Yonce

2017 Report
Projects completed this year:

  • Replaced floodlights over the altar with LEDs
  • Patched holes in parking lot
  • Replaced fence around air conditioners and repaired playground fence
  •  Installed motion/occupancy lights/switches at kitchen door, back door, all restrooms, robing room
  • Still pursuing automatic turn-off switch for parking lot lights
  • Installed new LED lights on stained-glass windows
  • Met several times with Pastor, engineers, city officials re: MABEC
  • Conducted church clean-up day
  • Repaired drain on Baptismal Font
  • Repaired handbell table support
  • Repaired loose flashing on skylight
  • Obtained quote for replacement of ice machine
  • Repaired narthex ceiling lights
  • Repaired stall doors in two restrooms

Thanks to all of the men who helped with this team.

Submitted by Barney Keitt and Bill Aull, 2016 Team Leaders
Members: Meredith Cleland, Bill Hill, Howard Hughes, DeLeon Wallace, Heyward Wessinger, Frank Yonce