Women of the ELCA

welcaOur Saviour Executive Committee Officers
President:  Linda Griffith
Vice President:  Pam Hanfland
Secretary:  Kelly Heid
Treasurer:  Ann Satterwhite
Advisor: Pam Hanfland

Circle Chairs
Cameron Circle Chair: Isma Boland
Lydia Circle Chair: Caroline Raszewski
Rebekah Circle Co-Chairs: Sandra Hughes and Linda Griffith

Left to Right: Gail Marcum, Kelly Heid, Ann Satterwhite, Pam Hanfland, Linda Griffith, Linda Hill, Anne Moye, Isma Boland

Note:  All women of the church are considered members of the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; therefore, we encourage joining a circle to help foster better communication within our congregation.  You do not have to become active in a circle to participate in any of our events.

January 13 Installation of Council, LMM & WELCA Officers
January 24 6 PM Executive Board Meeting (Circle Leaders with Unit Officers)
Opening Prayer:  Pam Hanfland
February 8-9 SC-WELCA Camp Kinard Bible Study “How Lutherans Interpret the Bible”
March 1 World Day of Prayer
March 17 3 PM Spring SC-WELCA Saxe Gotha Conference Meeting at Mt. Hermon/West Columbia
April 7 3-5PM Joint Circle Meeting
Devotion/Prayer – Cameron
Refreshments – Rebekah
April 26-28 SC-WELCA Spring Retreat at Isle of Palms
April 28 OSLC-Newberry College Women’s League Sunday (Cameron)
May 3-5 OSLC-WELCA Retreat/Isle of Palms (Lydia Circle)
June 7-8 SC-WELCA Synodical Convention
St. Stephen (119 N Church Street, Lexington 29072)
October 6 3-5 PM Joint Circle Meeting (Officer Elected)
Devotion/Prayer – Lydia
Refreshments – Cameron
December 1 11:45 AM Executive Board Meeting immediately following Worship Service
(Circle Leaders with Unit Officers)
Opening Prayer:  Isma Boland
July 14-16, 2020 Triennial in Phoenix, AZ

There are 3 circles that the women of the congregation participate in.
Each circle takes on different responsibilities during the year.

2019 WELCA Directory

2nd Monday at 10 A.M.
at the church
Committee Assignment
Leader— Isma Boland
Recorder—Ann Moye
2nd Monday at 6:00 P.M.
in a member’s home
Committee Assignment
Leader—Caroline Raszewski
Recorder—Beverly Nivens
1st Monday at 10 A.M.
at the church
Committee Assignment
Co-Leaders—Sandra Hughes and Linda Griffith
Recorder—Linda Griffith