Young Adults/Youth


2023 Team Leader: Beverly Nivens
Members: Melodie Capole, Beth Cleland,Meredith Cleland, Linda Hill, Elizabeth Shealy

2022 Report
In January of this year, Melodie Capole became the first Director of  Young Adult/Youth Ministry at Our Saviour. Through her leadership, the young adults have participated/assisted in the planning and implementation of church events such as the Souper Bowl, Shrove Tuesday, Easter Egg Hunt, and Trunk or Treat. In addition, on many occasions during the worship service, they have shared their talents through various musical instruments including handbells,  trumpet, piano, saxophone, French horn, viola, and flute. Throughout the year  the young adults have played a vital role in our church services and events. We  look forward to their continued involvement during 2023!

Submitted by Beverly Nivens, 2022 Team Leader
Members: Melodie Capole, Beth Cleland, Meredith Cleland, Linda Hill, Elizabeth Shealy,